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La crypto-monnaie AirToken, également connue sous le nom de AIR, a un prix de 0,0011€ aujourd'hui et une capitalisation boursière de 1.631.901€, soit 0,00% du total. AirToken a un total de 1.491.492.608 pièces en circulation.

Au cours des dernières 24 heures, le prix de AirToken a 0,00000000€, ce qui représente 0,00% de son évaluation.

Qu'est-ce que AirToken?

AirFox is a B2B platform that provides advertisers and lenders with more affordable mobile data. AirFox leverages the Ethereum blockchain as a digital ledger for the users' mobile phone data (behavior, personal information, user lifetime value, and opt-in advertisements), allowing the creation of a user score system that will determine if the user is a trustable credit recipient. Moreover, their applications (AirFox Browser and AirFox Recharge app) will allow the consumption of mobile internet (which is typically inflated mainly due to ads and trackers) to be reduced and enables users to receive micro-loans taking into account their telco data, wireless billing, device usage, web-sites browsed, applications used and AirFox, apps’ internal behavior in order to create a credit score

AirToken (AIR) is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token that works as the currency in the platform, allowing AirFox to give micro-loans. The token also allows the advertisers to buy data directly. Furthermore, it will also be used as a reward system for token holders, allowing them to keep a portion of the advertising revenue generated by the platform.

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L'Offre Actuelle 1.491.492.608 AIR
L'Offre Totale 1.491.492.608 AIR
Capitalisation 1.631.901
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