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Volume Total 24h €591.057.379


4,06 Euro/CLAM
0.00051875 BTC
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Prix CLAMS aujourd'hui

La crypto-monnaie CLAMS, également connue sous le nom de CLAM, a un prix de 4,06€ aujourd'hui et une capitalisation boursière de 0€, soit 0,00% du total. CLAMS a un total de 0 pièces en circulation.

Au cours des dernières 24 heures, le prix de CLAMS a baissé -0,21€, ce qui représente -4,97% de son évaluation.

Qu'est-ce que CLAMS?

CLAMS are a form of digital value, or currency, that is transferred, created, and verified by the collective effort of the computers running the CLAMS software. Similar to Bitcoin, the original technology on top of which CLAMS was created, this network follows a rigorous protocol to ensure that consensus and verification is maintained.

The CLAM Network is a peer-to-peer network of computers running the CLAMS software. To become a part of the CLAMS network, you need only to run the CLAMS software on your home computer. The purpose of this network is to independently and collaboratively verify the transfer and creation of CLAMS.

Money is ever present in our lives. We buy, sell, trade, and work by exchanging and transferring money. However, the current monetary system was not designed to support freedom, fairness and equality.

CLAMS provides an alternative. CLAMS provides freedom from seizure and taxation. It exists on the network and cannot be seized or taxed. CLAMS provides the equality that the current system lacks. It was distributed EVENLY to over three million 'accounts' at its creation.

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La preuve type PoW
Ouvert 24h 4,28
24h Faible 3,92
24h Haut 4,46
Prix en BTC 0.00051875 BTC
L'Offre Actuelle 0 CLAM
Capitalisation 0
24h Volume (pièce de monnaie) 0 CLAM
24h de Volume (de la monnaie) 0
Dernière mise à jour 2019-06-15 22:40:02 +01:00 BST
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