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La crypto-monnaie SingularDTV, également connue sous le nom de SNGLS, a un prix de 0,0086€ aujourd'hui et une capitalisation boursière de 8.638.135€, soit 0,00% du total. SingularDTV a un total de pièces en circulation.

Au cours des dernières 24 heures, le prix de SingularDTV a baissé -0,000084€, ce qui représente -0,97% de son évaluation.

Qu'est-ce que SingularDTV?

SingularDTV (S-DTV) is a decentralized and tokenized content creating and distributing platform that will create, acquire and distribute film and television content in an innovative way, generating revenue for its token holders in a completely transparent and decentralized manner.

SNGLS are tokens built on Ethereum and represent a share in the SingularDTV platform, which is comprised of four key elements:

‘SINGULAR’ – a mini Sci-fi television series about decentralization and technological advancements in a futuristic setting, comprised of 3 episode seasons.

The S-DTV DOCUMENTARY DIVISION - A Documentary Division that will focus on producing documentary films about blockchain technology.

THE S-DTV RIGHTS MANAGEMENT PLATFORM - A digital rights, revenue and royalty management platform for all the content produced and acquired by SingularDTV.

THE S-DTV TRANSACTION VIDEO-ON-DEMAND (TVOD) PORTAL - A TVOD Portal to distribute SingularDTV content via GooglePlay, AppleTV iTunes, and Vimeo.

SNGLS tokens will also generate dividends for its holders, depending on the revenue gathered by the SingularDTV platform. 1 Billion SNGLS tokens will be issued, which will be distributed in the following way:

500M SNGLS will be distributed to investors in an initial coin offering period. Each token will cost the ETH equivalent of $0.015.

400M SNGLS will be kept in a vault, and the dividends generated by the tokens will be used to further develop the S-DTV ecosystem.

100M SNGLS will be given to S-DTV's core investors.

The Vault where 400M tokens are kept will be managed by the Workshop. The Workshop will not only spend and convert ETH to build new projects or to work on existing ones, but it will also collect cryptocurrency and fiat revenue to deposit back in the safe.

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